Cubresa is redefining small animal SPECT imaging with a compact, high performance SPECT scanner optimized for imaging mice. Its small footprint enables easy integration with existing preclinical CT systems, transforming them into SPECT/CT scanners for performing cutting-edge translational research.

No need to hunt for new space

The SPARK breaks convention by focusing on imaging mice, resulting in a much smaller scanner relative to conventional floor standing systems. Its small footprint and low profile, silicon-based detectors make it the smallest SPECT scanner on the market.

Seamless microCT integration

The SPARK can be mounted to existing CT systems or docked using a mobile cart. The resulting hybrid system uses a single animal bed and features fully automatic registration.

Packing big performance 

Don’t let the size fool you – its sensitivity and resolution are uncompromised, giving you the power you need to get accurate in vivo imaging data, fast. Detectors with patented multi-pinhole collimators feature up to 50 pinholes, delivering excellent sensitivity so you can accelerate your acquisition time or produce robust images with less dose.

Visualize small targets

Visualize fine detail during routine studies using the SPARK’s general purpose collimators which provide sub-millimeter spatial resolution and plenty of sensitivity.

Intuitive Controls

The SPARK has been designed with simplicity in mind, so that both novice and expert users can operate the system with predictable results. Start a scan with as little as 2 clicks.

Up and running fast

The SPARK doesn’t require infrastructure modifications, and can be quickly installed into an existing facility with little interruption to daily operations. Our team will perform careful on-site calibration and facilitate comprehensive operator training so you can begin imaging the day after installation.